About Teeny Meany Games


Teeny Meany Games was founded in Toronto, ON, Canada June 2017 by Neil Hunter with the intention of creating super fun, innovative games. Since then Teeny Meany Games has been working on their first title Piss Off The Bot Bot Bob. It is an innovative, argumentative, relationship building game that you can argue with instead of loved ones and others. Teeny Meany Games is developing technology that will allow for conversation with real language in games and has already achieved amazing results. The development of Piss Off The Bot Bot Bob is still ongoing. This is just the beginning. Teeny Meany Games has big plans and the future is exciting.

The Team

Neil Hunter


Neil has two years experience. One year under the guidance and help of his mentor Benjamin Park. Neil has worked tirelessly on Piss Off The Bot Bot Bob for over a year now and is determined to continue developing this innovative technology to better communication with non-player characters in games.

Carly Miller

Marketing Advisor

Carly has six years experience in marketing and digital marketing. She has also also been alpha testing Piss Off The Bot Bot Bob for over a year. She has been advising Neil with her marketing expertise.

Benjamin Park


Benjamin Park has over twenty years experience in the game industry. Benjamin is an excellent game developer and programmer who has been helping Neil make Piss Off The Bot Bot Bob a reality.