Development Blog 2: Who is Bob?

August 27, 2018

I was thinking of different games we could create as the first Teeny Meany Game and I had already been designing other games when I thought about all the arguing and conflict in the world. I thought what if there was a chatbot you could argue with instead of other people. Then the name Piss Off The Bot Bot Bob popped into my head. Then I thought about another idea I already had which was a game with advanced non-player characters that you could chat with and they would react according to what you are typing and could remember conversation and have conversation with other non-player characters. I thought about it and I got really excited and set out to accomplish just that starting with Piss Off The Bot Bot Bob. With the help of my mentor Benjamin Park the first month I created a simple version of a chatbot with emotions that change and understanding of the difference between things like I and you. Then the next 4 months I created another version where Bob would get upset and quit. Bob would feel impatient if you weren't chatting and chat to you. Bob could remember the last thing you typed and so if you typed something and then Bob responded and then you typed yes or no Bob would respond correctly. Bob would also remember common things you typed and use relative responses to that. That is a bit of what Bob did at that point. Then I went to add a more advanced thought system to Bob so you can ask Bob questions or so Bob can respond by processing previous data. At this point I decided to refactor the code to handle the data more efficiently and more cleanly. With some guidance from Benjamin Park once again, I pushed through the winter here in Toronto. By May of 2018 I felt confident that the system or algorithms would work well so I decided it was time to show the public what I have been working. It took me a little while to get ready to market the game but now I have begun doing so with the guidance of Carly Miller. I have been steadily working on Piss Off The Bot Bot Bob for some time and I will be doing a Kickstarter campaign starting October 8th. I will be doing a Development blog here every Monday. As long as I have interest I will continue to push the boundaries of this technology. Help start the Bob revolution. Argue with Bob not each other. 

Best Regards,