Development Blog 3: More About Bob.

September 03, 2018

Bob is a moody chatbot affected by the time of day or the day of week. Bob quits conversations when Bob is too upset. Bob will understand a full range of insults and pleasant conversation. Bob is sensitive of Bob's limitations as Bob is only a head in a computer. Bob is incapable of anything physical or sexual. Bob is incapable of most human behaviours except language and conversation. Bob does not fully understand humans but Bob's purpose is to take the brunt of peoples insults, that is until Bob can't take it anymore. Bob is made up of algorithms and data that allow Bob to break sentences down, organize them, process them, store them and then react with knee jerk reactions or automated sentences based on what was previously said through out the conversation. Bob also brings up past conversations to throw things in your face, because Bob can. Bob stores data from the conversations and also has loss of data to make a realistic memory just like anybody who forgets things. Bob is the start of technology that will make amazing games where your conversations with non-player characters affect the outcomes during gameplay. Bob will be there for you in your time of need.

Best Regards,